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Calligraphy Stone

Calligraphy Stone

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Calligraphy Stone

The stone symbolizes spiritual awakening, the manifestation of dreams, creativity, joy, and tranquility.

A form of Fluorite that assists in reading sacred symbolism, revealing multi-layered meanings, both inner and higher, attuning to the wisdom of past and future.

Connects to the third eye and throat chakra

Also known as ‚ÄúArabic Stone‚ÄĚ, ‚ÄúElephant Jasper‚ÄĚ, ‚ÄúMiriam Stone‚ÄĚ, and ‚ÄúCobra Stone‚ÄĚ

Chakras: Third Eye Chakra; and Crown Chakra 

Zodiac associated with are Scorpio and Pisces


I am courageous

I Am disciplined and focus

I invite harmony and happiness in my life.

I am successful 

Energy Healing with Calligraphy Stone


  • It can manifest the truest wishes of your heart.
  • Aids in past life regression.
  • This stone can also help you acquire useful skills that you might have known in your past life, such as painting, horse riding, archery, swimming, and dancing, etc.
  • An excellent stone to make you realize your own thought power.
  • Calligraphy Stone is also beneficial for those who are trying to enhance their intuition and wit.
  • Helps attain¬†emotional balance and get rid of emotional instability.
  • Using Calligraphy Stone while meditating can help you receive guidance and important messages from your spirit guide or angels in the higher realms.
  • Helps in multidimensional traveling, possessing Calligraphy Stone can help you access the various versions of yourself that are in other dimensions.


  • Helps to overcome depression as pushes one¬†to stay optimistic and strong during stressful situations in life so that you do not crumble under the pressure.
  • Ensures that its calm vibrations keep you composed and peaceful during distressing situations.
  • By keeping this stone nearby, you can ensure that all negative thoughts leave your mind and get replaced by bright and positive ones.

  • Helps move from past trauma or shock you have experienced in the past, with the lessons you have learned.

  • People with¬†high blood pressure will find this stone useful because it can regulate the flow of blood inside your body.
  • For mobility issues, keeping Calligraphy Stone with yourself can assist in regaining proper movement of your limbs.

Creativity, Career and Wealth

  • If you belong to a creative field of work such as writing, art, or theatre, etc. then possessing this stone can enhance your creativity and give you inspiration for your work.
  • Can lift writer‚Äôs block.
  • The high energy of this stone will improve your tolerance and focus during long events and practices.
  • Helps clear your mind of all useless and harmful thoughts, in order to help you focus on important matters only.
  • Strengthens ¬†determination to accomplish¬†goals

Love and Relationship 

  • Can help¬†recover your dying relationship and breathe new life into it.
  • Has the ability to bring bliss and joy, you can use it to remove the pain and negativity in your bond in order to replace it with sheer happiness.
  • Will foster unconditional love and trust in a relationship.

**DISCLAIMER: Crystals are conduits of natural healing energies. However, we do not endorse them as substitutes for medical treatments.



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