Pyrite Pendant

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* Available in raw, sphere, bracelet, cubes and tumbled form.

Chakras: Manipura or Solar Plexus Chakra

Energy Healing with Pyrite


  • Potent Pyrite shields and protects you from any negativity in and around your auric field.
  • Its grounding energy motivates one to step into personal power and guards you against energetic leaks.
  • It inspires one to take stock of negative situations and turn them into positive ones.
  • Keeping Pyrite in the room uplifts the aura of the living space.

Career, Wealth and Luck

  • Since ancient times Pyrite has been used to invite the tides of good luck and prosperity in life.
  •  Also known as the fool's gold, this glittering crystal brings new opportunities and abundance.
  • Keep it at your workplace or carry it during business meetings to attract good luck and boost confidence.
  • The grounding energy of this incredible crystal helps in overcoming shyness, boosts self-confidence and enhances leadership qualities.
  • It unlocks creativity and gives one the courage to face the world, and encourages one to take a plunge to pursue their dreams.
  • Meditating with this crystal enhances cognitive abilities, increases willpower and fuels ambitions.

Love and Relationships

  • It lets you overcome feelings of inadequacy and shields you from negative thought patterns and emotions.
  • It infuses love and happiness in relationships.
  • It helps one see through the facade and see the truth in situations and relationships.
  • Pyrite is a fantastic crystal for those who get bullied and pushed in personal relationships or at work.


  • Associated with the Solar Plexus chakra, it stimulates blood flow, improves digestion and increases overall vitality and stamina.
  • It keeps your lungs strong and helps in healing respiratory issues such as asthma and bronchitis.
  • Keep this crystal close if you experience dullness and fatigue; it also alleviates symptoms of stress and anxiety.
  • The powerful energy of this stone improves memory and aids in mental health.


I am a magnet for financial abundance.

I let go of the fear to stand in my personal power.

I invite prosperity in all facets of my life.

**DISCLAIMER: Crystals are conduits of natural healing energies. However, we do not endorse them as substitutes for medical treatments.