Larimar Chips

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Larimar is a serene crystal that promotes relaxation and calm.

Connected with the throat chakra



  • A wonderful stone for meditation. Can be set in your meditation space for guidance crystal and protective influence.
  • Helps enhance communication between yourself and the higher powers of the universe.
  • Can help differentiate between productive negative emotions and destructive negative emotions, and once you can make that distinction, you can start to let go of the destructive ones.
  • Larimar is a stone of great wisdom, exploration, and heightened understanding of the universe. It can put you in touch with powers that you might otherwise never be conscious of.
  • It can help put you in contact with the angelic realm and develop a better spiritual sense of self, although this is not something that everyone is interested in at every stage of their lives.
  • If you are interested in developing your spirituality, using larimar can help you become more aware of the glory of God, or of whatever higher power speaks to you.
  • This stone can harmonize energies and lead to better relationships between people who may have different priorities, interests, or even entire worldviews.


  • Makes it much easier to communicate about issues of both emotion and fear, and promote confidence in speaking about these issues.
  • It has an emotional healing effect that will assist you in overcoming self-sabotaging behaviour.
  • Helps in developing healthy relationships