Lapis Lazuli Wands

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Crystal towers are excellent to direct and focus energies out the termination point. They can be used to raise the vibration of location. Place them on your altar, within any sacred space or room.  As per Feng Sui, place a tower in each corner of a room to create a vortex of energy.

Crystal wands are powerful tools, which were used as traditional healing tools in various places throughout the world for hundreds even thousands of years.

Over time they became recognized for their powerful healing properties, as they are powerful healing crystals for you to use to help yourself and others

Stone of wisdom

*Available in raw and Sphere form


Chakra: Third Eye Chakra




  • Its deep blue color was known to be a symbol of wisdom, self mastery, spiritual realization, self awareness, intuition, inspiration, insight and inner communication.

  • This stone has been used since centuries, and is associated with physical and spiritual healing.

  • It was believed to be a physical, psychological, and spiritual healer.


  •  It boosts immune system.
  • It lowers blood pressure, purifies blood and soothes inflammation.
  • It is also said to alleviate insomnia, depression, throat and thyroid related problems.
  • It benefits the nervous system and respiratory system.
  • Lapis lazuli powers are considered bringing harmony in friendships and relationships.
  •  It will open the door of acceptance for friendships or relationships.
  • This stone helps you valuing the person and keeping the relationship alive for it promotes serendipity and stands for good luck.

Career, Luck and Wealth

  • Lapis lazuli is a perfect stone for you if you are serious about getting wealthy, receiving in abundance.

  • It symbolizes good luck, and any wearer of this stone will benefit from the energies that can turn all negative energies into positive ones.
  • This crystal can help you to identify those new ideas that take a bit of out of the box thinking.
  • I'm looking to develop my Third Eye chakra.
  • I would like to see clearer visions of the spirit world.
  • I would like to have clarity in my life path and decisions.
  • I wish to be a more effective reader, healer, or psychic.
  • I want to keep my mental health flowing.
  • I'm looking for ideas and inspiration in home, business, art.
  • I'm looking for ways to achieve my dreams so they become reality.