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Natural Gomti Chakra

Natural Gomti Chakra

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This beautiful healing stone is found in river Gomti. It is believed that this stone is blessed by Lord Krishna and Goddess Lakshami.

According to medic astrology, Gomti Chakra is offered to Goddess Lakshami, the goddess of fortune and wealth.

  1. Gomti Chakra is believed to offer protection to you and your family from evil eyes, bad intentions, jealousy etc. 
  2. It attracts good luck and wealth
  3. Brings peace, love and stability in relationship
  4. Enhances intelligence in children
  5. Helps bring promotion and growth at work or business
  6. Assits in pulling through legal cases

How to use?

Cleanse with sage or palo Santo and set intentions, then...

  1. Place 11 Gomti Chakra in the southeast corner of your home for protection
  2. Offer 11 Gomti Chakra to Goddess Lakshami, then wrap them in a red cloth and keep them in your safe for abundance.
  3. Place 11 Gomti Chakra by your bed side in a trinket dish for love and harmony with your partner
  4. Place Gomti Chakra in even number like 2,4,6 or 8 in your purse/wallet to attract more wealth
  5. Place 11 Gomti Chakra by on the study table in a trinket dish for children to concentrate more in studies





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