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Boketto Life

Energy Cleansing Set

Energy Cleansing Set

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This Cleansing set is a complete bundle for cleansing your space, self and belongings in a hassle free way. All these are great for smudging and cleansing your space, however  this set offers more variety. Some of the suggested usage are:-

1. Palo Santo (The smoke depletes quickly) for quick cleansing of yourself, belongings, crystals, cards etc. 

2. Lavender Bunch (The smoke lasts a little longer) to settle disturbed mood or simply to uplift mood of a space

3. Californian White sage (The smoke lasts the longest out of the three, but might need relighting) great for cleansing home, office space etc. Can be used during full moon or new moon.

Individual prices

White sage: 950

Palo Santo:220

Lavender: 450

Total : 1620

This set will help save save Rs 250

Note: Dried lavender bunch will shed some flowers and buds which can be still used.



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