Crystals For Car

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You can use this set of crystals for protection while driving just like you may do for your other daily activities.

Tuck this well curated combination of crystals into your glove compartment for keeping your car running smoothly and safely. Especially if you are new driver or often go on long trips.

1. Black Tourmaline :

This ultimate protection crystal is excellent for protection while driving because it is considered to be like a bodyguard that protects you against other people’s energy and removes negative energy from your car's environment. It reduces the number of careless drivers that come into contact with you and it's one of the best gemstones for activating the base chakra which is associated with physicality. Since driving is a physical activity, it keeps you at the top of it, completely alert and aware.

2. Selenite:

One of its strongest properties is to cleanse the negative energy of others and provides crystal clear clarity. Selenite deflects and destroys energy, rather than absorbing it, they save your energy from harm without burdening themselves hence, it's a great crystal to be kept in your car as performing any other energy cleansing ritual like smudging etc is not possible in your car often.

3. Amethyst:

Amethyst not only increases alertness and focus, but it bonds with your energy and raises your vibration, too! Its stimulation of the higher chakras unlocks intuition which instinctively kicks in like when you feel sleepy behind the wheels  or have to decide on taking a safer route etc. Amethyst's warm energy gives off a sense of security. You'll feel safe when surrounded by the energy of this stone. 

4. Tiger's Eye:

Tiger’s Eye is perfect for safety while driving at night as it enhances concentration keeping your alert and focused on the road while driving, preventing potential collisions. You can think of it as an extra set of eyes watching around you and bringing your clarity as you drive.

Note: The shape and size may vary slightly from the picture as these stones are in raw form.

Disclaimer: Using crystals is not full proof safety shield. One still has to be alert and careful.