Botswana Agate

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Botswana-Agate is an excellent stone that can balance your physical, emotional, and intellectual energies.

Psychic Healing

  • Improves concentration during meditation
  • In chaotic environment, Botswana Agate helps you find your peace
  • Brings instant peace and calmness


  • Heals the underlying cause rather than just the symptoms
  • Boosts any medical treatment
  • Great for pregnant ladies
  • Beneficial for heart and blood related issues

Wealth, Career and Luck

  • Attracts a lot of luck
  • Helps you find newer and brighter prospects in business
  • Improves mental functions and analytical skills
  • Enhances self confidence and security
  • Brings out artistic instincts
  • Helps you view the bigger picture and adds enthusiasm


  • Comforting stone when you are low and beaten
  • Helps overcome the feeling loneliness
  • Helps you find resolutions and answer that you are looking for
  • Lucky for single people to find love