Blue Lace Agate

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A highly spiritual stone that can ground you and enlighten you.

Psychic Healing

  • Excellent stone for meditation
  • Helps you communicate with your angels
  • Its healing energies will bring you peace and tranquility.
  • Helps remove the blockages in your aura that are preventing you from seeing the answers.
  • The moment you will hold this stone in your palm, it will soothe you.


  • Helps release inappropriate anger and resentment
  • Soothe fevers or infections
  • Helps in healing throat related issues
  • Place in it the east side of your home for good health.


Career, Wealth and Luck

  • Can help you with your communication issues, both in your personal and professional life
  • It's the stone for creativity
  • Great to keep your energies safe in toxic environment
  • Place in it the southeast side of your home for¬†abundance and wealth


  • Helps you become more confident in expressing your thoughts
  • It's a stone for lightheartedness, loyalty and trustworthiness
  • Place in it the southwest side of your home for¬†happy marriage
  • Enhances love, peace and happiness at home
  • Helps in healing emotional wounds