Black Sardonyx / Suleman Hakik Bracelet

Black Sardonyx / Suleman Hakik Bracelet

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Sardonyx stones are mainly used for healing purposes due to the protective energies emanated from them.

Psychic Healing

  • Is known for their grounding energies as they work with the earth star and the root chakra.
  • Grounding powers of the stone also help replenish a person’s energies after having gone through an emotionally, physically, or spiritually draining experience
  • For people who wish to achieve clarity of the mind through meditation, Sardonyx will be of immense help because it can be used as a focal point to channel all your energies.
  • Additionally, the stone will cleanse your spirit, which in turn will encourage you to treat others with kindness, respect, and friendliness.

Wealth, Career and Luck

  • For times when you experience a loss of willpower and cannot find the motivation to work towards a goal, Sardonyx crystals will help you regain some direction in life.
  • Great for job that demand a great deal of willpower and mental discipline.
  • Aids one’s thinking process and decision-making abilities
  • Will strengthen your belief in yourself and in your capabilities, which will further develop your character and be a powerful aid when it comes to achieving what you want in life.


  • Is a stimulator of happiness, so you’re bound to feel a positive and helpful vibe around you 
  • Will help you regain the love and affection of a partner that may feel distanced from you lately.
  • The positive energies emitted from the stone will attract people towards you, thus opening the doors for new friendships.
  • The healing properties of the stone are also known to end squabbles between partners and help them patch things up


  • Sardonyx stone is also great for bone repair and can even help you treat infections of the kidney and the urinary tract.

  • Facilitate the treatment of back pain.

  • Strengthen a person’s lung function
  • Plays a part in the treatment of impotence.
  • If you’re recovering from bowel, prostate, or bladder issues, Sardonyx will help you overcome the adverse effects of such illnesses.
  • Due to its cleansing properties, the Sardonyx will clear out any blockages in your system and purify the impurities caused by various kinds of parasites