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Beginners Crystal Combination

Beginners Crystal Combination

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With such a massive variety of healing crystals available, it can be difficult to know where to start. If you’re new to the healing powers of crystals, then you’ve probably found yourself wondering what are the best crystals to have?

Here is combination of crystals that can be energetically wholesome to begin with.

1. Clear Quartz

Quartz is one of the most common and popular crystals, and is known as a “master healer” and “stone of power.” If you’re just starting your healing crystal collection, then clear quartz is the perfect place to start.

Quartz has a multitude of healing properties. Clear quartz can help to clear negative thoughts, improve your focus and alertness, stimulate brain function and increase positive energy.

Clear quartz can also harmonize the chakras and enhance psychic abilities.

2. Amethyst

The deep purple-hued calming crystal lets you tap into your higher consciousness.

This healing stone of wisdom lets you slip into the spiritual realm with ease and strengthens your connection with the divine.

It amplifies intuition and awakens you to your higher purpose in life.

3. Labradorite

The deep blue crystal enhances your innate psychic abilities by establishing communication between the physical and the higher spiritual realms.

It guides you through the transformative stages of your life and facilitates shedding the old and embracing the new. It protects your aura, releases fear and dispels negativity.

4. Citrine

The Prosperity Stone. Citrine is also known as the Success Stone and the Merchant’s Stone. It will manifest success and abundance in your business or career. This is a versatile stone that holds a great deal of power and promise. 

5. Rose Quartz

It awakens one to self-love and the abundant love of the Universe-Multiverse.

Also known as the stone of love, this blush pink colored healing crystal belongs to the quartz family.

It also encourages loving and compassionate communication.





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