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Barite is a very powerful stone with great spiritual, physical, and emotional healing powers. This magical stone represents strength from the heart, spiritual prowess, and excellent health. 


Zodiac Signs associated with are Aquarius and Pisces

Chakras: Crown and Third Eye Chakra


I open my inner eyes to see higher and more deeply into the worlds of Spirit

I am connected with my inner self

I am lead by my angels

I am safe

I know the way forward

I speak my truth

Energy Healing with Barite


  • Gives¬†you guidance especially while meditating, about the direction you need to take in life.
  • Barite assists in raising your vibrational frequency so that you can access and explore higher consciousness and spirit realms.

  • Barite will help¬†recall your dreams and past experiences, and enhance your ability to decode ¬†them.

  • Can enable you to understand what the imagery and metaphors in your dreams mean.
  • Clears out negative karma and energy that has been hindering you from moving forward in your life, helping you live life exactly the way you want to.
  • An excellent stone for improving your clairvoyant abilities.
  • Barite can be the source through which you can hear the inner voice and truth of your heart.
  • Also used in astral journeys because it strengthens the inner vision and can allow you to develop more powerful intuition.
  • Because of its ability to attract high-frequency energy, Barite can be a very powerful tool in energizing your etheric body.

  • Commonly used to establish a deep connection with the beings in the higher realm.
  • Moreover, by activating the third eye chakra, this stone can strengthen your psychic abilities which are very useful in connecting with your spirit guide.


  • If you are scared to be a part of large crowds and feel uncomfortable in crowded places
  • For people who suffer from anxiety, using Barite can make them less anxious and more contented.
  • Barite is very helpful for people who are extremely hyper and cannot seem to control their emotions because it can help you to stay very calm and collected.
  • With its ability to synchronize the left and right hemispheres of the brain, this stone can make your brain more coordinated and stronger.
  • Also useful in assisting with brain-related problems like brain damage and degenerative conditions.
  • Often used to ease the pain of radiotherapy and chemotherapy.
  • Works wonders in cleansing your system of toxins and harmful substances.
  • This magical stone can also aid those who have low vitality and are looking for ways to gain physical strength.
  • If you are suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), use Barite to calm down your uncontrollable tendencies and behavior. ¬†

  • Barite is also great at healing neurosis and has been used to aid neurotic patients for years.


  • This stone has the ability to aid you in distinguishing between the right and wrong kind of people so that can you stay away from people intending to harm you, and further your ties with the ones you are loyal to you.
  • Can help to establish an intimate and long-lasting union with your special someone because this magical stone can create a blissful connection between you and your better half.
  • Makes¬†you more honest which will help you to truthfully open up to your partner.
  • By enhancing your ability to communicate well, Barite will bridge the distance brought in your bond because of misunderstandings and lack of strong communication.

    Wealth, Luck And Career

    • If you feel that your life is at a very stagnant point, use the powers of Baryte to bring a great transformation in your life through bold changes.
    • Can enhance your communication skills as this stone is great for the throat chakra¬†helping you win over people and convince them to follow your ideas.
    • If there are any issues in your life that you cannot seem to solve, use Barite to find new and creative ways to resolve those problems.
    • Improves your information retention ability, hence very good for students.


    • Great for meditation¬†room, altar or study table
    • Hold or lay on the body for relieving anxious energy, stress and nervous tension
    • Sleep with or close to Barite to help you remember your dreams, decipher patterns, symbols and messages coming through in your dreams
    • Can be combined with Lepidolite, Celestite and Angelite

      **DISCLAIMER: Crystals are conduits of natural healing energies. However, we do not endorse them as substitutes for medical treatments.



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