Angel Aura (Diamond Window And Time Link Activator)

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This particular piece is a special one is a Diamond Window crystal with a Right Time Link Activator

What is a Diamond window?

An extra flat face on the crystal. (Marked in the image)

What is Time Link (Activator)?

A parallelogram forms a window that is either pointing right or left.


A Diamond Window facilitates clarity of mind and access to different levels of being. Gazing into a window takes you deep inside yourself or enables you to access information for yourself or someone else. In earlier days it was used to find root cause of disease and whereabouts of a lost person.

 A Time Link (Activator) takes you either to your past or apparent future depending upon which direction it is pointing. Time is just an illusion that we use to organize our experiences while on earth.

This activator is pointing towards both right, which means future is as we make it. 

It's mystical rainbow shades are hypnotic and is definitely a collector's stone.

Faith healers and those of a spiritualistic mindset have always been drawn to this stone for centuries.

Psychic Healing

  • It is said to assist in the alignment between the spiritual self and the astral planes
  • When you meditate with the Angel Aura Quartz, you will discover what your course of action in life should be!
  • This stone carries all the wonderful properties of clear quartz such as  focusing, amplifying and transferring energy, and when mixed with the platinum and silver is one of the best  stones for clearing and brightening the aura, stimulating and clearing all of the Chakras.
  • A bridge to channeling higher knowledge, remembering past lives and gaining insight into one’s spiritual mission in this lifetime.
  • Encourages intuition and insight.


  • Known to boost your immune system, and to cleanse and enhance the functions of all your body organs.
  • Great to have with you when you are prone to anxiety or panic attacks, or if you have a phobia of something.


  • Improves communication with your loved by adding more love and understanding to it

  • Great for romance

  • Will help your relationship to be more loving and caring
  • Helps in healing from past relationships.

Wealth, Career and Luck

  • Carries energies of creativity and intelligence, helps give birth to new ideas and concepts that can advance your career and boost your income flow.
  • Also foster a harmonious and productive relationship with people.

Weight 1215 gms