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Combination of physical citrine and cerebral amethyst, this stone brings together the physical and psychic worlds as no other stone can. It is fast and effective in its action.

While citrine is a good stone for manifesting desires, but you have to know what you desire before you can manifest it.

Chakras : Solar plexus chakra, which rules ambition; the third eye chakra, which rules imagination; and the crown chakra, which rules spirituality.


  • Releases blocked energy from the solar plexus, crown, and third eye chakras
  • Ametrine connects the physical realm with higher consciousness 
  • Protects during astral travel and protects from psychic attacks
  • It clears stress and tension, calming the mind and bringing better focus to meditation 
  • Promotes healing and divination 
  • Balances  masculine and feminine energies 

Career, Wealth and Luck

  • Amethyst’s problem-solving powers, and citrine’s manifestation powers and symbolic attract money, this is also a fantastic stone to incorporate into your business life.
  • Brilliant stone if you are starting off an entrepreneur venture or even a new job.
  • Stimulates creativity 
  • Supports taking control of one’s own life
  • Brings clarity and encourages to explore new possibilities 


  • One of the best to improve your relationship with your romantic partner.
  • Just how the two completely different stones combine as one, it brings in harmony in a relationship
  • Great stone for same sex relationship


  • Useful for long standing illness