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Amazonite Ring

Amazonite Ring

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Amazonite has been called the 'hope stone' as they inspire you to speak with confidence and self assurance. They produce hope in the success of manifesting your desires and wishes.

Zodiac associated with are Aries, Leo, Scorpio and Virgo

Chakras:  Throat Chakra, Heart Chakra and Solar Plexus


I speak my soul truth eloquently and compassionately.

I let go of the fear to manifest the life I truly desire.

I am in alignment with my values and beliefs.



  • The mystical Amazonite heals the heart chakra and opens us to Universal love.
  • This crystal is associated with water elements and teaches us about stillness yet embracing fluidity with grace.
  • It is an excellent stone for those trying to make peace with and heal from past traumas.
  • It invites us to tune into the Divinity within and speak our soul truth and opens us to infinite possibilities that the benevolent Universe has to offer.

Career, Wealth and Luck

  • The alluring blues and greens of Amazonite encourage creativity to flow freely and is particularly helpful to those who follow artistic pursuits.
  • Also known as the ‘Stone of courage’, Amazonite helps in overcoming fear, gaining clarity, and it also amplifies the manifestation.
  • It is a powerful talisman to attract wealth and prosperity.
  • It attracts new and favourable opportunities for career growth.
  • In business ventures, it attracts new customers and brings financial abundance.

Love and Relationships

  • This empowering crystal corresponds to the heart and throat chakra and encourages truthful and authentic communications.
  • It encourages one to speak the soul truth with grace and compassion.
  • It brings love and harmony to difficult relationships.
  • The soothing Amazonite helps in overcoming emotional trauma and teaches us about resilience.
  • It brings a balance between the masculine and feminine energies in individuals.


  • It provides powerful protection against electromagnetic radiation.
  • The calming Amazonite alleviates stress and anxiety.
  • It is said to aid physical healing by balancing the nervous system, relieving muscle spasms, and managing calcium deficiency.
  • It also assists in sinus and thyroid-related illnesses.
  • Harness its energy to soothe minor rashes and infections.

Metal: Brass

Suggestion: Matching Amazonite Pendant

**DISCLAIMER: Crystals are conduits of natural healing energies. However, we do not endorse them as substitutes for medical treatments.

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