Abundance Combination

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Manifesting wealth and prosperity with crystals opens you up to see and accept opportunities with confidence and openness. Combining the energies of these crystals with your own intention is the most effective way to open up your life to the generous flow of wealth and abundance.

These crystals work in different ways, but they all have the same effect of attracting success, wealth, and prosperity. They help you become more confident in taking risks and more grounded in your creative drive.

*Can be bought as a complete ritual set with 10 ml bottle of prosperity oil and 4 abundance candle.


1. Citrine 

The stone of prosperity. Known as the Success Stone and the Merchant’s Stone. The name says it all. It is also a wonderful prosperity crystal because it helps you achieve and manifest your intentions quickly.

Citrine attracts money and good luck like a magnet.

Most business owners have a piece of this crystal in their cash registers to keep the customers coming and to bring continuous good luck to their business operations.

It’s an excellent crystal that attracts prosperity and helps you become more successful in all that you put your heart and mind to.

2. Clear Quartz

The Stone of Clarity, helps you achieve a clear vision for your financial goals and how you’re going to achieve them. It brings clarity to situations and amplifies your intentions to the universe.

3. Green Aventurine

A lucky talisman known for attracting good luck. It’s also a wonderful opportunity crystal that opens doors to new businesses and ventures.

4. Tiger's Eye: 

Represents the power, courage, and fearlessness of the tiger. It activates the intellect and sharpens logic to help you play your cards just right when it comes to taking sound financial decisions.

It helps you remain calm and levelheaded in complicated or hectic situations, supporting your efforts in becoming an effective and successful leader.

It also gives you a boost of self-confidence and attracts luck, money, and prosperity into your life.

5. Sun Stone

As the Sun shines in all its glory, one can attract sudden fame and good fortune by tapping into the energy of sunstone.

Increases your prosperity and helps you maintain a positive outlook in your financial endeavors.

It encourages you to have strength and determination in achieving your money aspirations and goals.

6. Carnelian: The stone of action.  Helps execute your plan. Carnelian will keep you motivated, and it will keep your mind quick and sharp.

Gives  courage and help you discover your hidden talents

7. Pyrite: 

Also known as the fool's gold, this glittering crystal brings new opportunities and abundance.

Since ancient times Pyrite has been used to invite the tides of good luck and prosperity in life. It is a popular money crystal that’s known to remedy your financial hardships and help you attract wealth. 

8. Obsidian:

The stone of protection, is a must have when you pave your way to success. 

It  also opens gateways to change and career growth. This crystal inspires one to embrace individuality and release limiting patterns to pave the way for reaching your fullest potential

Prosperity Oil: Infused with herbs and crystals which specifically meant to attract success and prosperity. Each time you make payments, you can anoint  the money with the prosperty oil with an intention -"May the money that goes out from my pocket comes backs in multiples of three"

Prosperity Candle: Green colour candle, with mint essential oil and crystals for attracting wealth and abundance.