8 Herbs Mix

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Burning various herbs and spices has been an age old practice. 

As human race started their journey towards civilisation, burning herbs has been a part of their journey unknowingly. As hunters and gatherers, when humans from early civilisation went to pick edible plants, they picked herbs which were aromatic. As cave dwellers they initially burnt it to repel insects. 

Slowly they discovered more benefits of burning herbs. As people watched smoke wafting up from the fire, and breathed in the pungent, aromatic scents transforming their space, and their senses in an intangible, ethereal way. Those moments may have moved them into meditative states, bringing them closer to an encounter with the Divine.

This combination of selected 8 herbs and spices has been thoughtfully curated and energised keeping in mind the benefit and property of each to invite positivity, luck, abundance, happiness, vitality, love and harmony to your surrounding.

This mix has been created with a special ritual to activate the property of each herb and spice so that the user can attain maximum benefit.

When to use it?

  1. Use it before and after any spiritual work like meditation, tarot or psychic reading, healing etc.
  2. Before you begin or end your day at business.
  3. On full or new moon
  4. Whenever you feel the energy is low in your surrounding.

How to use it?

Ideally use an abalone shell, if not the use an earthenware to burn the mix. Burn a small quantity (about 0.05-1 gm)Set intent and let the smoke dispel into all direction. One pack can last for about 35 - 40 times.