Book a healing or reading session

Parveen Malhotra, (Contemporary Astrologer, Reiki Grand Master, Tarot Reader, Psychic, Yoga Instructor, NLP practitioner)

I have been a Reiki healer since past 17 years and a tarot reader for over 10 years. Do read Our story  section to know a bit more about my journey.

To book a reading, please connect through "Chat with us" or WhatsApp +91 8882122519

I don not believe in "forecast" however, I am a strong believer of creating your own path through celestial guidance.

1. Detailed reading and analysis with regards to karmic lessons and path, understanding overall strengths and limitations, couple compatibility etc. through Tarot and Astrology Chart.

Remedies and rituals will be suggested.

Energy exchange - Rs 2100 / USD 30

Duration - Approx. 45 mins

2. Detailed guidance and clarity through Tarot.

Remedies and rituals will be suggested.

Energy exchange - Rs 1100/ 25

Duration - Approx. 45 mins

3. Detailed guidance and clarity Astrology

Remedies and rituals will be suggested.

Energy exchange - Rs 1800/ 30

Duration - Approx. 45 mins

4. Quick review and guidance of a situation or decision making through Tarot

Energy exchange - Rs 500/ USD 8

Duration - Approx. 15 mins

Points to follow

  1. Session will be done over audio or video call
  2. Mandatory to share your Name, DOB, TOB, POB at the time of booking to keep your chart ready before the reading so that we do not waste time
  3. Booking will be confirmed only post payment. 
  4. Payment accepted through Paytm or Gpay. For international clients through PayPal
  5. Any cancellations or rescheduling to be informed 3 hours prior
  6. Kindly adhere to timelines, Extension of timing will be possible by paying the difference amount.
  7. Messages during the reading will not directed towards "forecasting" but guidance.

 For Distance Reiki Healing

  1. Complete healing of mind, body and soul, Chakra alignment

       Energy exchange - Rs 1400/ USD 25

       Duration - Approx. 45 mins

    2. Healing a situation like a relationship, important even like job interview,            surgery etc.

       Energy exchange - Rs 990/ USD 21

       Duration - Approx. 20 mins

    3. Daily manifestation or healing. Manifesting a particular wish or outcome.

      Energy exchange - Rs 110/ USD 2 per day

     Duration 11 days, 10-15 mins each day