Collection: Jewellery And Bracelets

Wearing your crystal as a jewellery is a convenient way to carry your charm around, whether it's for luck, love, protection, success or vitality.

Just the way you cleanse and activate your other crystals, activate your crystal jewellery too.

 Energy is like flu, you can pick it up from anywhere and anyone, wearing energised jewellery can keep your intention and energy protected.

For Empaths:
  • If you are high level empath, your energy can get drained by other people.
  • Empaths tend feel everyone's feelings as if it's happening to them. Somehow, this attracts people that have heavy negative burdens. They don't really wish to hurt you as an empath. They just want someone to understand their pain. But in the end, it drains the energy of empaths.
  • Wearing a crystal jewellery can help give you more energy. It can make you a better empath, since you are able to withstand more of the brunt. 

In Spiritual Work:

  • If you are someone who is awakening your Spiritual gift , your light is a beacon. Just like in the dark, light attracts bugs, so do you in this dark world.
  • All kinds of energies will try to seek shelter in your light.
  • These will often drain your energy. They will take energy from you and leave you feeling very tired and drained.
  • Wearing a a crystal Jewellery can help you. So that your energy is protected and restored.

For Spiritual Messenger And Healers

  • If you are a Spiritual messenger like tarot, akashic, oracle card reader or a healer, most people approach you for guidance when they have hit the rock bottom or carrying negative energy.
  • As you seek guidance on behalf of them or heal them, you tend to pick up unwanted energy.
  • Wearing a crystal jewellery will keep such energy at bay and you can continue to practice without any obstacles.
An Anchor to Your Intention
  • Manifestation is about remininding yourself of what you want. Whether it's love, luck, abundance or good health.
  • Wearing these jewellery serves as a keeper and reminder of these intentions as we go through our day to day work.