What are wax melts and how to use them In 2023


A superb smelling home, who doesn’t want it?

Wax melts are a popular way to fill your home with fragrance. These are a great way to get all of the fragrance and warmth of a candle without the flame. 

 Our small batch handmade wax melts with natural fragrances are absolutely hassle-free way to keep your smelling great all the time. Whether it’s just lying in a bowl on the center table or lit up on a diffuser, it effortlessly scents your home.

What I love about wax melts is the way it looks; it could easily temp anyone for a delicious cube of dessert. It has happened so many times that our guests have nearly popped them in their mouth 🙂

Secondly, once I light it up, I can forget about being bothered to refill the water or the essential oil etc. 

 Many of commercial wax melts and candles are scented with artificial fragrance. At Boketto Life, we ensure whatever is delivered is pure and not synthetic. Before we finalize the fragrance blend, we spend a lot of time on researching and testing the raw material. The ratio of combination of  the oils, wax etc. is the key secret to getting it right.

One thing is really important that before you light a new cube, ensure that the old wax is completely scooped out and the diffuser is washed to avoid the burning smell of any old residue.

 Lastly, fragrance and love are two things that can never be hidden. 

Enjoy the aroma of your home!

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